Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Words of Inspiration

I saw two very inspiring things online today and I wanted to share them.

The first are some powerful words of wisdom by Theresa of Pondering the Myriad Things. I think people should check out her blog so I am only posting a link here. Please take my word for it and check it out.

Wandering around this evening, I came across something at Matters of Integrity which floored me:

Powerful, both.


forest wisdom said...

Hello SoapBoxTech.
Thanks for your visit to my blog last night and the wise comment you left. I've been poking around your blog a bit this morning, and I like a lot of what I see. I'll definitely be checking back. I also agree that Theresa's blog is a good one. I just recently found her too. And I see that you've found my dear friend Val over at Matters of Integrity. Cool. Ah the blogosphere...good to make your acquaintance.

SoapBoxTech said...

Why thank you!

Delighted to make yours as well.

Theresa said...

Thanks for the kind words SBT :)

Very powerful video!

SoapBoxTech said...

My pleasure, lady T.