Saturday, March 07, 2009

Suggested Listening

Ever since discovering the Financial Sense News Hour via (another great site), I have been listening to their weekly show on a fairly regular basis. Their shows are posted Fridays, and I highly suggest that anyone wanting a more rational and comprehensive understanding of economic developments would do well to have a listen.

However, I am especially recommending this past Friday's show which includes a fantastic interview with the authors of the new book; "Water: The Final Resource". This interview is a scary but eye-opening update about the current freshwater and rainfall situation, as well as an informative climatary discussion. One of the highlights (?) was a forecast of severe water shortages across much of the northern hemisphere, and a massive food crisis settling into place by early 2010.

Also on the climate front, the show's 4th segment includes an interview with leading climatologist, Evelyn Browning Garriss. This guest discusses global climate cycles, freshwater and rain depletion issues, and the significant increase in ice mass in the Arctic last winter. Personally, I think we will see another such increase after this current winter. Unfortunately, frozen at the poles or salty in the oceans, little of this water will be available to drink. Anyway, another fascinating listen.

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