Friday, March 06, 2009

Royal Summons and Propaganda

When I started this blog, I did not intend to review and comment directly on so many various news articles. I also did not intend to devote so much energy towards discussing freedom, at least not so soon. However, it seems that so many different issues have begun to escalate, new issues seems to be appearing, and the whole world seems to be accelerating toward chaos. As such, I am finding it very difficult to focus deeply on any one subject at a time, especially as more and more links between the different issues also seem to be appearing.

So I find myself writing a lot more, but I know many posts get somewhat erratic. I hope everyone will bear with me...and check back. I believe self-sufficiency is of significant importance, but I also understand that it is a waste of time without remaining as aware as possible of happenings outside of wherever we happen to be.

On the plate today, it seems that His Presidency has been summoned by Her Highness. It still blows my mind when very intelligent friends and acquaintances argue that the British Royalty no longer holds any real power in the world. I respect their opinions, I am just concerned that sometimes the opinions are not as informed as they really should be. I have commented briefly on this subject before, but I will state a little more firmly now...that I think the time is swiftly approaching when people will realize that this bloodline retains far more than simple figurehead status, and the power accompanying this status. My worry is that it will end up being a very painful and destructive realization.

Since I have been commenting so much on the apparent global control structure being put into place since WWII, but especially over the last 20-30 years, I thought this was a particularly enlightening (and frightening) article to stumble across. The article basically outlines a very serious attempt, by "Elites", to establish a global propaganda network in order to assist in implementing global governance. Thank goodness I had to read "1984" in high school. However, the number of everyday people that I see, who think this kind of thing is just fine, is as astounding to me as the audacity of those trying to implement it. I'm not sure if they just don't see how easily it could go VERY bad, Nazi Germany bad, or if they hope that supporting it will earn them high enough status to not have to worry. Either way, I suppose that it helps to show who to watch out for.

On a lighter note, I am hoping to unveil a new blog (and hopefully, website) very soon. This blog will be following a new business prospect about which I am very excited. I'm holding off with the the new blog mostly just because I don't want to jinx the opportunity. This will be marking quite a different career change for me, which I will explain as part of the unveiling. I will still be posting here at SoapBoxTech, but I will likely have less time for it.

Peace and comfort to all.


MoonRaven said...

Thanks for posting this--especially the piece on the global propaganda apparatus.

It is frightening--I am *not* in favor of anything that promotes 'globalization'--but the source is interesting as well. These are archconservatives who are afraid that the 'liberals' (who they think of as second rate commies) will gain world control.

Not that I'd like to see the liberals (or communists, or anyone else) begin controlling global systems, but it's hard to see the 'accuracy' and 'fairness' of this site that has such a right wing bias.

PS Good luck with your new venture. I look forward to seeing your new blog.

SoapBoxTech said...

Yes, I am always suspect of certain such sources as well. But the truth is, I think, that there is as little real accuracy and fairness in any mainstream news source as there are in such obviously sided sources as the one cited in this post. Bias is everywhere. I'm a big fan of Adam Curtis documentaries for example, as is likely obvious, but I cannot deny that his documentaries have an obvious American focus which can easily be construed as anti-American.

Personally, I don't think those directing the push for global control care a wit for "liberal" or "conservative" allegiances. These allegiances are just as much tools to the would-be controllers as the technological control mechanisms. Given the easy access to the minds of the public, through popular media, it has been easier for these controllers to consolidate power by pitting liberal types against conservative types through an ongoing back and forth momentum shift. I could probably write a LONG essay on this idea, but I've not been that motivated just yet.

Like everything, I am for balance in politics as well. In some ways I am very liberal and in some ways very conservative. I suspect everyone is, at their core, and the trick to a balanced non-homogenous society is in finding that balance.

I have been listening to an audio book version of Aristotle's "Politics" and it is astounding to me that in a very real way we are still having the same debates, all these centuries later.

Thanks for the comment and the good wishes Moonraven.

SoapBoxTech said...

I should add, I knew the royal summons source was pretty damn sketchy too. I just didn't feel like spending the time looking for a more reputable source, partially because I knew it wasn't likely to be found. The fact of the summons itself is still pretty telling tho, to me.