Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Suggested Perusing

Ahh glorious blogosphere. If I wasn't so concerned about the devolution of humanity and the destruction of the global ecosystem, I could really lose myself in ingesting and digesting the multitude of perceptions that so many are willing to share. I love to learn about how people from other parts of the world think, both about issues close to them and about larger concerns.

I stumbled across a delightful blog by a Chinese ex-pat partially educated in and now living/working in the US. Inside-out China is a wonderfully written and diverse blog that I highly suggest to anyone who wants to learn more about this ancient country, which is now rising toward becoming the world's primary super-power, through the mind of a wise daughter of China (and several interesting commenters).

I am making specific mention of her blog today in order to suggest the reading of two recent posts. "Questionable Teachers and Bewildered Parents" and "Run Away Students and Good Old Teachers" are conversations with her nephew, Doggy, and his friend who are 15 year olds still living in China. I think these are insightful conversations which show certain similarities to what is being seen here in North America.

That being said, most every post on this blog is philosophically inspirational, and often highly informative.

Do have a look.

Peace and comfort.

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linda said...

Perfect. I was just wondering about things like this.