Friday, March 13, 2009

Cramer's Beating

Not that it's going to make much difference anywhere, but I just want to take a short moment to commend Jon Stewart of The Daily Show for tonight's berating of CNBC's Jim Cramer (Mad Money). Stewart referenced numerous instances of Cramer's past collusion in developing the great market boondoggle we're currently ensconced within, in a manner much like Iron Mike went at punching bags. Only, Cramer actually deserved the punishment. And Stewart was calm and poignant, not raving mad. Alright, so it wasn't like Iron Mike but it really was quite the beating.

Blows my mind that it takes Comedy Central to air a show that speaks some fricking common sense reality. AND it's often funny!

Here is the full, uncut interview. ** Warning** Some well used foul language.

Update: No more direct video link, but here is a link to the Comedy Network copy.

Peace and comfort to all, except the greedy power-hungry manipulating bastards.

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