Thursday, March 05, 2009


As if things aren't bad enough, now drug companies seem to be "accidentally" trying to start a pandemic. Boy, this certainly wasn't a heavily publicized news article, surprise surprise.

I guess this is why FEMA seems to be stockpiling millions of poly (coffin) vaults all over the US:


linda said...

genuinely disturbing......but how do you know these coffins were fema? asking because I want to know more.

SoapBoxTech said...

I don't, specifically. But I also can't think of another group which would stockpile so many coffin boxes.

The poly vault company claims that they are all pre-purchased by individuals, and that the company is simply storing them for the client until the time of their death. Hard to believe tho.

linda said...

I guess I didn't mean literaly you, but the people who found the site, how do they know?
I found that bit of information you mentioned, they went to great lengths to explain the vaults are not coffins in the source I found. They said it was only 70,000 not half a million. All a good cover,too good?
This is also in line with those mystery buses seen in Arizona. I don't have the link now but will find it if you like, keyword for search would be the company called Wackenhut if you want to look around.