Friday, February 27, 2009

False Freedom and The Law

For some time now I have been intrigued by the Freeman-on-the-land movement. Anyone who is interested in a life of true responsible freedom is likely to also be interested in learning more about this movement.

I came across a fairly recent (and relatively short) presentation on this subject that I thought I would share here.

This is a longer presentation from one of the first Freemen who works hard to educate Canadians (and others) about the false freedoms of our civil society.

Much of the information discussed is primarily oriented around the British Commonwealth countries. However, it is interesting that the US constitution seems to be based on Freeman principles, but the legal system in place is heavily based on the British system. As such, the freedoms are built into the US constitution, but are then co-opted by a corporate Justice system (which is supposed to be built on said constitution).

Unfortunately, the Freeman theory remains largely untested. I have long thought that it would be wonderful to see some small community secede and adopt a Freeman system. Indeed, it would seem that many of the "zeitgeisters" are intrigued by Freeman theory. For anyone aware of the Zeitgeist movement, it is my belief that this is the line where the Zeitgeist believers will split into the Technocratic and the Free. It is hard for me to believe that these two factions would be able to co-exist in such a way as to make the Zeitgeist utopia realistic.

Personally, I do not believe that the ends always justify the means, therefore I shall always cast my vote with the Responsible Free.

Peace and comfort to all.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A SoapBox Reading Suggestion

I have been working on a post which discusses my discomfort with the Techno/Financiocratic "New World Order" future towards which Elitists have been directing humanity for some time now. However, I came across this article today which goes far and beyond what my post would. I will likely still publish the post sometime, but I highly suggest that everyone follow the link and spend some time reading the article.

Of particular interest to me was the comment about the current wave of supporters of the idea that we are on the cusp of a "global awakening" or an emerging "global consciousness". I had been seeing this as the result of human evolution, but I can definitely see it as the product of decades of the western education system pushing the importance of world government, albeit mostly unwittingly at the individual school or teacher level. I always wondered why our history classes were called Social Studies and I guess now I know.

This could easily lead into some thoughts on the United Nations, but I think I will save that for a later time.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

False Freedom and Hamster Wheels

Canadians seem to be one of the freer peoples of the world. Indeed, a great number of people give their lives trying to achieve our level of freedom and I completely admit that I would not happily exchange levels of freedom with most of these people. Yet I maintain the position that those who make it to Canada, or the US, or other "free and democratic" countries, or who achieve our type of freedoms, may achieve a higher standard of living, but they have not reached a truly free and democratic state.

It may well be that (true and responsible) freedom and democracy are actually mutually exclusive since democracy basically means that 51%, or more, of the population dictate over the rest. It seems to me that this is a fairly unstable system as it is so susceptible to subversion by the wealthy and to a chaotic political structure.

As recently as two generations ago, Canada and the US were indeed fairly free lands. Plenty of space, resources and capital allowed this to be the case. Both movement across the land and settlement were encouraged and yet as the space began to be filled, resources were no longer free for the claiming, and capital dwindled to eventually be replaced by overly leveraged speculation and digital information, so the freedom became a false freedom.

So what is false freedom? I suggest that false freedom is a life where 8-20 hours a day are out of one's control for 60 or so years. It is a life dominated by consumer based advertising. It is a society where individual responsibility is traded for an ever enlarging book of rules which all (except the most wealthy) must follow. It is a society where security is equated with constant monitoring and regulation. It is a world where so-called free peoples are reduced to hamsters expected to run in their hamster wheels which exist to power the global economy and where the choices of those peoples are reduced primarily to the materially consumeristic.

I am sorry for the pain of innocents, but the truth is that the coming massive contraction in humanity is probably necessary since once again we seem to have missed the point.

The lighter note today? I remain, perhaps in delusion, sure that there is hope. The economic depression means that some people will once again have more time and necessity to think. We have achieved a level of technological understanding that, if properly inspired, could develop products which could help us develop a truly free and responsible society...perhaps for the first time ever. Our world has a miraculous capability for healing, if only we give it the chance to breathe.

Taking a moment to breathe and think would be a good idea in general.

Peace and comfort to all

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SoapBox News Highlights

After a semi-long weekend, it was back to fear and baloney in the news today.

Our loving PM assured us that the Canadian auto industry would not collapse entirely, a sure sign that something more like the opposite is in store. Many are likely to believe him though, since the Canadian auto branches turned down a stimulus offer from the federal government, as the article mentions. I guess we`ll have a better idea later today.

Last week, I mentioned some rumblings that Canada`s Defence Minister might be eyeing the Nato Secretary General post. Here is another article which mentions the idea. This week he issues a press release and statement at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, known as Chatham House, which certainly seems to be taking a leadership, although likely somewhat controversial, stance.

An economic note, considering all the talk that the asian economic machine will power the world through this "recession", readers might enjoy this in depth article from The Telegraph.

Here is another reason to be cautious about nuclear power. How does a 14 year radiation leak get summed into a 250,000 UK pound fine?

I have been railing against authoritarian control for some time now, and this is a mighty interesting voice to see agreeing with me. We really cannot keep ignoring the mounting control mechanisms that have been layered onto us, and in an accelerating fashion in recent years, thanks to seemingly helpful technology:

This one I have left for last, because it is a big one and it is not really making headlines yet. While remaining a proud Canadian, I have long been somewhat envious of the founding of the USA, versus the founding of Canada. While the US was founded on the principles of responsible freedom, Canada was founded as a set of British colonies that Britain was no longer powerful enough to forcibly control. So when sovereignty is in danger, the US has a constitution which ensures the rights and responsibilities of the State and smaller bodies, and which limits the rights of the federal government. I am surprised to see it, but there is beginning to be a very strong movement in many US states, to reinforce this part of their constitution. It is the glimmer of hope I have been looking for, that true responsible freedom can be saved. In Canada, this sort of effort would require a basic restructuring of our constitution, as ours is so tightly linked to the British parliamentary system and to the British throne. This freedom has been fought for before, and may have to be fought for again...this time in Canada too.

Be well and good, Sisters and Brothers.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Adam Curtis

Now that I have gotten the hang of attaching videos to this blog, I have decided to devote one post to the main works of one of the most important informative producers of the modern western generation, Adam Curtis. I am in awe of the researching and composition capabilities of this man, and indeed his productions have helped to fill in much of my understanding of modern history. Forget Michael Moore, spend a few hours listening to what Adam Curtis has to say.

Century of the Self

The Power of Nightmares

The Trap

Friday, February 13, 2009

Working at Balance

This blog has been a great tool in my attempt to bring more balance to life. I had originally intended this to be the place where I ranted against the ignorance and self-centeredness one runs into every day and where I urged people to embrace responsible individuality and to seek wisdom in life. It has quickly grown into much more, but I have also been trying to be more balanced in this release and in the sharing of what I see as being concerns we all need to look at together. As such, I am making a more concentrated effort to be balanced in each post, alternating light with dark, warnings with suggested solutions, that sort of thing. I am not great at subtlety tho, so please bear with me.

Peace and comfort to all.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Link in the Chain

I've been holding off on this post for some time now, for various reasons. The biggest is that, quite honestly, being one of the few who seem to be talking about it is a touch scary. But I am writing it now for that very reason. Very few people are talking about it and something this big needs to be talked about at the water cooler, while sharing chores, over coffee, at town and community gatherings etc etc.

The subject is Codex Alimentarius.

Perusing the Strategic Plan for 2008-2013, Codex appears to be a comprehensive and global effort toward "protecting the health of consumers and ensuring fair practices in the food trade". However, one may also notice that this strategic plan makes no mention to the importance of decreasing poverty and starvation or protecting/developing local economies and naturally produced food, yet there is great mention of avoiding trade barriers. Skipping to the Principles of NGO Participation, the only Non Governmental Organizations which will have formal relations (under "Observer Status") with the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) are to be international in scope. This makes Codex Alimentarius a central control over the entire global food supply, which does not even recognize non international entities.

Sadly, I have only been aware of Codex for a relatively short period of time but this is a short talk with Ian Crane who has worked hard to raise awareness of Codex:

As he mentions, the US avoided one attempt to institute Codex in the 90's, but it is my contention that the current push towards global government would include Codex implementation throughout North America. Interestingly, both Canada and the USA remain active CAC members.

This is a longer UK presentation by Ian Crane:

This is a presentation by Dr. Rima Laibow, an M.D. who co-founded the Natural Solutions Foundation:

I encourage everyone to have a look at this thing and generate your own opinion. Personally, I see it as just another leap towards global Technocratic (and Financial) authoritarianism. We've been feeding ourselves naturally for around 5500 years at least, isn't it interesting that once large-scale industrial farming took hold we have global food supply emergency problems?


1) As is the solution to so many in the countryside. Get to know local farmers and producers. Some might be wary to begin with but when they know you're on their side and interested in their wares, you will likely make some of the best friends possible.

2) Start or get involved in local food and goods markets as much as possible. You will forget what being bored was like.

3) Keep an eye on Codex and other control mechanisms (especially food oriented) locally, bring it up here and there and stand ready to oppose its implementation in your area.

Chickens and Bees continued

In my continuing attempt to learn to keep bees, I came across a little something that gave me the best laugh I have had in a long long time. My thanks to the Honeyflow Farm website for this little tidbit titled "when I grow up", and for the great pictorial of a year's beekeeping and honey harvesting activity.

For anyone interested in learning about beekeeping, Gobeekeeping is a great starter site. I highly suggest that anyone living rurally consider looking at keeping at least one colony if there are none around.

As link wandering will often do, I was also led to a delightful chicken video. I swear, anyone who can watch it without grinning and/or laughing and just feeling uplifted a bit overall, has no soul.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Anyone trying to get a sense of what is actually going on in this economic meltdown we`re experiencing, especially Canadians, would do well to watch this New Years day presentation by Michel Chossudovsky of

I found it to be an excellent summation and quite illuminating in some regards.

As for what is to come, I recommend having a search for Gerald Celente and his 2009 predictions. As I`ve mentioned before, Celente has an impeccable record for predicting social, political and economic trends.

On a lighter note, after a month of deep winter it has become unseasonably warm for the last couple of weeks. So much so that this fellow woke up and came out to sun himself on a clear, sunny afternoon awhile:

It seems he has been busy too:

Peace and comfort to all.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


Our world is changing rapidly. Climate and the environment in general, the debate about over-population and how to deal with it if it is an issue, geopolitics with its layers of deceit and wrangling, and an economy in global meltdown. Trying to keep a grasp on all that is happening must be done, but it is increasingly difficult.

I thought I`d note some troublesome headlines from today:

It seems that much of China is experiencing the worst drought seen in over 50 years. 50% of the wheat crop of 8 provinces are in danger of failure this year. Australia seems to be facing similar difficulties. Other recent articles, like this one, suggest that California will be following suit this spring/summer. While much of North America and Britain/Europe have had a hard winter with a good deal of precipitation, few people think about the fact that this extra precipitation has to come from somewhere. Perhaps China is now paying the toll for the Olympic Games weather manipulation.

On the geo-politicial front, the idea of Peter MacKay as the Secretary General of Nato just makes my skin crawl.

Speaking of the CONservatives, PM Harper is asking Canadians to stay the course presented in the recent budget. Now I am not suggesting that I think government should flail around in times of trouble like this, but this article shows, once more, just how out of touch is our ever-s0-emotive PM. Harper says we should not worry about the 129,000 Canadian jobs lost in January as the numbers in the US were so much greater, therefore the US "remains the epicentre of this particular crisis." Apparently he cannot fathom that the Canadian population is around 1/10th of the US, but our job loss numbers were about 1/6th that of the US. I think most 6th graders could see the problem there. Not only that, but this is the exact same language the mook used last fall when he was telling us not to be concerned as Canada was relatively safe from this crisis.

Thankfully, Canada remains rather quiet in the continued prodding of Iran. However, Germany and France took some time to add a few pokes of their own. One can`t help but wonder if these people perhaps WANT to start another war (as if there is little wondering left...). From where I sit, this seems exceedingly stupid when one considers the amount of resources (not to mention innocent lives) wasted in war. Perhaps they should have been listening to this weeks Financial Sense Newshour, where some discussion was given to the estimated amount of industrial resources left to certain countries (think an average of 25 years supply left for resources required for our current level of industrialization...not good).

So there`s my fast round up of some of today`s (and recent) headlines. There were some positive ones as well, which I could take time to mention, but there is too much attention spent on "feeling better about things", and not enough attention on really knowing what the hell is going on, so that work can begin on trying to have less things that NEED to be worried about.

Peace to all.