Friday, February 13, 2009

Working at Balance

This blog has been a great tool in my attempt to bring more balance to life. I had originally intended this to be the place where I ranted against the ignorance and self-centeredness one runs into every day and where I urged people to embrace responsible individuality and to seek wisdom in life. It has quickly grown into much more, but I have also been trying to be more balanced in this release and in the sharing of what I see as being concerns we all need to look at together. As such, I am making a more concentrated effort to be balanced in each post, alternating light with dark, warnings with suggested solutions, that sort of thing. I am not great at subtlety tho, so please bear with me.

Peace and comfort to all.


Amber said...

I too struggle to find that balance. This time last year as I was learning about just how badly the state our environment is in, how quickly climate change has progressed, the water crisis, the energy crisis....everything got quite dark and I tended to focus on all the bad news I couldn't stop thinking about. Personally, bad news actually spurs me into action. I go into my 'How can I help? Roll up the sleeves and pitch in mode'. Not everyone responds to doom and gloom this way though. For some people it's just too overwhelming or seemingly so remote that they can'yt possibly imagine how it might affect them or how their actions might make a difference. Educating people about the issues and raising awareness is important, and I don't believe in sugar coating anything, but I think you're quite right when you point out that providing, talking about and demonstrating solutions (especially in a positive way) is equally as important!

SoapBoxTech said...

Thanks for the comment Amber. All of your efforts are much appreciated by me at least.

Whenever you and your man wanna come farm hemp and run a greenhouse market, you just let me know.