Thursday, October 30, 2008


So the Associated Press is apparently reporting that the US presidential race is far closer than it would often seem to be the case. From where I stand, this would seem to be a very odd thing. I have always thought that Obama seemed to have the most public and media support by far. However, this post is not so much about which of them are actually winning. I am no fan of either candidate. As I said during the Canadian Federal Election, I feel that both major parties in both countries are basically two sides of the same dirty coin, although in this particular case, I feel Obama is the elite's "chosen one".

What I am concerned about, is this apparent attempt to make the race seem close. It was the case in Canada too. Most people "had a feeling" that Harper was once again going to have a minority government. Lo and behold, that was the case. Don't most people now seem to "have a feeling" that Obama is going to be the next US President? So why do we need to be made to feel that the race is a tight contest?

Could it be that we're supposed to be focusing on that, and not why the trillions of dollars of corporate banking bail-out money seems to be being hoarded? Could it be to keep us on edge as late as possible? Could it be to get us worried about another stolen election and then to give us a sense of relief when Obama actually wins, all the while the world continues to accelerate in its breaking apart? If so, just how much could this sense of relief be used to bring more people into the Obama "believers" camp?

People, I beseech thee....come together in freedom, equality, consideration and common sense, not in following some righteous-seeming "golden boy".

Here's my little bit of prophetic gibberish, I hope I am it's Obama, in a few years it will be Prince William.


Theresa said...

I've also been noticing these comments about the closeness of the race. After getting my hopes up only to be dashed in the past two elections here, I've been just watching to see how things play out in the end. On a similar note, I saw Peter Mansbridge grinning widely on a CBC commercial a couple days ago talking about the market "soaring" again - just some more panic-dampening window dressing again, I suspect. Two days of gains does not a rebound make. Plus, it's all smoke and mirrors anyway. (Theresa is feeling cynical again/still.)

SoapBoxTech said...

When one's eyes are fully open, we are susceptible to great joy, great sadness, great fear and, hopefully, great relief.

Don't lose your hope, Theresa, but I think you will also see that it is not cynical to be wary of FALSE hope. Far too many would do well to understand this.