Wednesday, October 15, 2008

After a Good Sleep

Yep, I got a good sleep. I went to bed disappointed and certainly worried but managed to not fret. Maybe this is because I had so prepared myself for the overall outcome that we saw in the Canadian Federal General Election yesterday. Maybe its because I've always known that things are going to have to get a lot worse than they even are now, for real and proper change to occur...and maybe its because I know it might already be too late. Maybe its because of a lot of things.

But I woke up recognizing a few more rays of hope that I did not last night. Yes, voter turnout was disgustingly low, but an awful lot of people voted their little hearts out. To me, it seemed that in a whole lot of ridings, numbers for parties alternative to the Big 2, were up. I was personally happy to see that the strategic voting push did not really work. I wanted people to vote their beliefs...and many of those who showed up, did just that.

On top of this, I don't think that many of those who voted for the CP's did so out of complete support for the Harper regime. I think they did so out of fear. Fear of the unknown that we all face, fear of how to proceed, fear of change.

As for those who did not vote, we don't need to bash them too much. What we need to do, I think, is keep providing our examples and TO KEEP TALKING. And I do mean talking, not yelling. We need to keep nudging more people awake, and reminding them that the time is coming when their vote will make ALL the difference.

As I've said, the "change we need" is not going to come out of our government buildings. Perhaps this was the case, once upon a time. We are now at a time, similar to the Dark Ages, when the change is going to come in kitchens and fields and living rooms and playgrounds and backyards.

Now, for anyone who really needs a laugh...have a listen to today's Alex Jones radio show at Its a great "debate/conversation" between Alex and the creator of the Zeitgeist internet films. It's a humorous and sad argument, really, between two "truth movement" leaders who I feel are sooo close, and yet still so far from truly grasping the future we need so desperately. It's a good laugh, but its also rather poignant at times if you can get past the childishness.

I hope others will have a listen and share their thoughts.

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