Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I stumbled across this video on Facebook tonight. I suggest that ALL Canadians watch it, especially given the turnout of our most recent federal election. Mel Hurtig presents some very serious information about the direction Canada has been headed for the past 30-40 years.

For me, watching the video raised a question I have been pondering for a few months now:

Should Canada remain a country or should we break apart into smaller nations, perhaps along provincial borders?

The reason this question keeps coming up for me is that I wonder if we are being overcome by the sheer vastness of Canada. Modern Canada seems a very fractured place. We have long been divided along relatively geographic lines; the west (which is often further broken down into BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan/Manitoba), the east (often broken into Ontario and Quebec), and the Maritimes. Another area of discontent has been between English and French which has, for obvious reasons, manifested as Quebec versus the rest of Canada. That Canada accepts this area of conflict is evidenced by the existence and strength of a Quebec based separatist national party.

I personally feel that Canada should most definitely remain a country and that we must ALL find ways to come to compromises that benefit all of Canada. Our parents and grandparents and their parents built a country that we should be damned proud to live in and to reclaim, even though there were some admittedly horrible moments. We have made mistakes, but I still believe that most Canadians DO want a free but socially oriented Canada. A country that embraces its multiculturalism, including vibrant and strong native communities. A country where all cultures are both proud and active in their heritage, but willing to make compromises to exist alongside other cultures, working together for the strongest future possible for all. However, reaching that point is going to REQUIRE asking the question I have posed. Making any dent in the political apathy in this country is going to require asking the question. Its about time we very seriously asked it of ourselves and each other.

I am thinking of creating a Facebook group dedicated solely to posing this question, but I would ask that anyone who reads this post take a moment to ask the question to all the Canadians you know. Post it on your blog or webpage, send an email to a bunch of people, put it on your Facebook page, whatever. Just ask the question, especially if you care about Canada. You don't need to know the person's answer, just ask the question!

Peace to all.

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