Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Leap Forward

Along my quest for knowledge, full consciousness, enlightenment...whatever it should be called, I came across one of the most fascinating videos I have ever seen. It can be found in 16 10-minute parts on Youtube. I recommend it to anyone seeking a deeper consciousness.

My reasons for saying this are plural. First of all, I believe in "signs". I believe we are shown clues as to what we should pay closer attention, if we are paying attention and open-minded enough to see them. In this case, one of the main "signs" for me was that the main fictional character in the story, which accompanies and provides context for much of the information presented in this documentary, is played by Marlee Matlin. Marlee Matlin is a brilliant, as well as deaf (tho I doubt it ever held her back) actress. I first saw her in some romantic drama when I was around 15 years old. I found myself enchanted by her "presence", and since then have seen her here and there, always in fascinating and thought provoking roles. Discovering her in this production, I immediately had a strong sense of "this means something, I better watch closely".

Since I had quite accidentally stumbled across this documentary, I really had no idea of what it was going to be about. I had actually discovered it via a link on a blog which lead me to one of the sections of the documentary which had been posted on Youtube. This section dealt with quantum physics and the "double-slit experiment". Having decided to have a look at more of the entire presentation, I soon learned that it was about a much larger topic indeed.

What is being discussed is human consciousness and it's seemingly direct connection to quantum understanding. I have been hearing quite a lot lately about the potential for human consciousness to affect "reality" for some time from the likes of David Icke and various others. I have always had a hard time accepting their suggestion that what we can imagine, we can achieve...without exception. I always felt that this was kind of a "new agey" attempt to avoid actual work and any kind of physical or emotional suffering or struggle. Basically, it seemed like so much more snake-oil. So now having so accidentally stumbled across this particular documentary about that very topic, from a scientific standpoint, it seemed clear to me that I should listen closely, that perhaps I had been missing something in my earlier assessments of this philosophy...another "sign".

I have always felt the inter-connectedness of all things on this world, and also felt that applied throughout the universe. I have always felt that to truly understand this inter-connectedness is to come as close as the living mortal can, to seeing and understanding God. Now it seems that the proof that the scientist in me needs, might actually exist.

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