Monday, October 06, 2008

Again with the Signs and A Small Failure

My mind continues to churn. I've been writing at this post for 2 hours now and this is the 4th start. I have to share this ongoing experience but I'm still sorting it out myself. LOL.

What has it churning so much is that when I got up this morning and checked today's guests on the Alex Jones Radio Show, lo and behold, it was David Icke. Considering the revelations alluded to in yesterday's post, this was quite the fascinating coincidence and unsurprisingly turned out to be a moving listen. Over and over, I heard my own thoughts paraphrased and sometimes almost word for word. I really do suggest that everyone listen to this portion of today's broadcast.

I'd love to give my own synopsis of the broadcast and its implications, but I am afraid my thoughts are still churning too heavily and I think I will just let the experience happen without devoting TOO much energy to analysis at this point. Suffice it to say, and I know how weird this sounds, it is like I can actually feel my consciousness evolving. More and more I feel like I understand how my consciousness can have an effect on reality. More and more I understand that the scope of reality which I can perceive at this time remains a tiny percentage of actual reality. More and more I understand just what an incredible creation is human consciousness and physiology. And more and more I understand that the forces of entropy NEED humanity to remain semi-conscious...and why this is the case. It is their food, and there is getting to be a lot of it. This is where the feeling of accelerating "badness" comes from.

This leads to the small failure. While at the very beginning of the 4th start of this post, the phone rang. It was yet another telemarketing call, this one a marketing research study for Remada Inns. I listened to the lady's opening spiel and when she paused, I think my statement was " no, no no...thanks!" and then I hung up. I gave in to frustration. I created a little bit more food for the forces of entropy. I realized immediately after hanging up, that what I should have done was simply tell the lady that I was sorry she needed such a job and offered some advice, simply ignoring the real reason for the call. I had no need to listen or participate in the real reason for the call, but I definitely could have done something to make it a more positive experience for both of us. I hope I can learn to do better.

Peace to all.


Theresa said...

Not a failure, just an opportunity to learn for next time :)

I've had the pleasure of experiencing those sudden changes in perspective when the world is instantly a different place - how much more intense it must be if you are experiencing that kind of thing gradually as it unfolds. Thanks for including us in the process!

SoapBoxTech said...

You're very welcome. Thanks for being part of it.

And it's ok, I do not have any problems with acknowledging failure's as such, big or small, but I do agree that all failures and mistakes are chances to learn and improve.