Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Gut and The Inauguration

January 20, 2009. Day of hope, Day of change.

So why does my gut say its all wrong?

Why do I look at this guy and see such difference between his words and his actions? After all, there've been so few actions to see, really. And so so so many words. Granted they were pretty and well spoken words. It seems like he was campaigning for the last guy's entire last term. And wasn't that supposed to be his first term as a Senator? Where did he find the time to do all that campaigning while fulfilling all those duties in the arduous existence of a Junior Senator? He certainly worked hard for that one week to get that banker bailout passed.

Why did my eyes reject the soothing yet resolute words that my ears were hearing today? Was it the horror of seeing such a crowd of humans so desperately needing SOMEONE to tell them what to do, someone to save them...someone to worship. Sure it was nice to see that many people standing around together and not kicking the heck out of each other, but I wonder how they will live after today. I have no doubt that a great deal of them would be willing to work their butts off to make their country and the world a better place, but even they seem to be in some kind of daze.

Why is the fact that a person of a non-pink or grey skin color finally being seen as equal enough to hold the seat of President of the USA just not enough for me in this day and age? Especially with my "conspiracy theorist" gut telling me that this guy is just as much a pawn as Powell, only now with a lot more power. Yes, let's be pleased that society has come SO far...but this guy still has to do the darned job!!! Are we children that we have to celebrate each achievement so much that it takes 4 years to get to the next achievement (relatively speaking) and rarely even know exactly what it is that was ACTUALLY achieved?

I'll lay it out plain here. What I see today, is the coronation of a Caesar.

Neither I, nor my gut ( I don't think), are here to bash hope. Hope can be an absolutely positive thing...but it can also be a vicious and misleading illusionist. Hope MUST be based in practicality or it is worse than wasted effort...it is misdirected and potentially dangerous effort. And I will always say that if hope doesn't come from within, but instead from some external source...then this hope MUST be carefully investigated for falseness.

Speaking of hope...I hope I am wrong about this guy, as I think I have said before. If I am right, however, it's going to get even worse for a whole lot of people in this world.

My suggestion to everyone is to start seriously pondering national soveriegnty and responsible individual freedom versus globalism and corporate feudalism.


EJ said...

I too wonder if he is a pawn. That many people gathered for whatever purpose gives me the creeps.

EJ said...

PS Its quotes like this make me wonder what people really expect:
Inauguration Journal: Monday
"This isn't the SuperBowl, nor is it a Madonna concert; I think it is more like a pilgrimage, and the media perhaps is simply too jaded to understand or talk about its spiritual component."

Theresa said...

It is important to stay wary of those who can engender mass obedience and blind loyalty, that's for certain. I hope that we do see some concrete evidence in fairly short order that the new US president is really interested in making genuine change - as genuine as a politician can be, at any rate. I do take some comfort in the fact that he said in the inauguration speech that quelling dissent is not good.

I am daring to hope while waiting to see what happens next.

Theresa said...

SoapBox - I think you might like to read this, if you haven't come across this website already:


SoapBoxTech said...

Wow, thank you, lady T. While I don't "like" to read it, I do support pretty much everything said in that article.

Thanks again for the heads up...looks like another blog I will follow. I think my next post will be a followup to that article.

Theresa said...

You're very welcome! I read that Automatic Earth website pretty much every day - it keeps me 'real' :)

The "Nature Bats Last" blog and Kuntsler's "Clusterf**k Nation" are also good reality checks, but they are more sarcastic than TAE.

What is that on fire in your banner picture?

SoapBoxTech said...

Its a big pile of pallets afire in that landfill beside our farm...