Thursday, January 22, 2009


A new and dear blogger friend of mine, Theresa of Pondering the Myriad Things, included an interesting link in response to my last post which outlined a few of my misgivings about the new US President and his coronatio....I mean inauguration. What I found was a nice summation of many of my concerns, fleshed out a little bit. There is so much to consider that I was once again very appreciative of finding this area of the blog world, where someone else can develop such an accurate outline of concerns I share, and yet another someone else can direct me (and others) to their writings. When it comes to this kind of communication, I am very thankful for the level of technology we have which allows it.

I'm always somewhat uplifted to learn of new folks who are awake, thinking, learning, trying to be responsible and urging others to strive for the same. Where I live, so many still seem to be stuck in the mentality that things will just turn around and return to "normal", that it can be real tempting to start cave-hunting. But once in awhile I see glimpses of real positivity, even here in Exploitationville. Yesterday at the grocery store, I overheard a young couple trying to buy non-GMO margarine. I think the top of my head must have nearly slid right off, my grin was so wide. I likely should have tried to speak with them, take that first step in generating a local network...but in all honesty I was worried that I'd come off like a freak...after all, they were just looking for decent margarine and I was planning them as another cornerstone for a local common sense movement. Hah, talk about a sense of desperation.

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