Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The 4th Purpose

Speaking of the military-industrial complex, now contains this legislation that was introduced to the US Congress last week. This legislation would "direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish national emergency centers on military installations." The bill seems to be a nice and helpful attempt to be pro-active about national emergencies and major disasters, but for one line in the section outlining the purposes of these facilities. This line states that the 4th purpose of these facilities is "to meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security".

That's a pretty broad opening.

This bill is in addition to the nearly $4 billion Department of Homeland Security Headquarters approved earlier this month. That's a pretty nice stimulus in itself.

Considering the understandable public focus on the crashing economy, and given the soaring public opinion towards government now that The Man is in office, I doubt there will be much attention on this bill's slipping through Congress. Once enough people realize the implications of the 4th Purpose, it will likely be too late. If Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute is correct, as he usually is, these centers will likely be ready to be filled with broke, hungry people who used to live on the either side of the tracks from each other.

Disclaimer: I must apologize that I had to use a Fox news clip to show Celente's prediction briefly. I am not suddenly a Fox supporter and Celente tends to be completely non-partisan. Do have a listen to some of his radio show appearances that should show up as links at that Youtube page.

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