Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's All My Fault

A rather heavy realization dawned on me tonight, as I was reading more of The Automatic Earth. So many seem to be casting opinions around as to who bears the fault of this global economic evaporation. It's the greedy investment bankers, or it's the Illuminati, or neocons, or the neolibs, or the ignorant and lazy masses. One would not expect someone to stand up and say "uh, yeah...sorry, it was me".

Well times are changing after all, I guess.

That's it...I am here to admit that this mess is all my fault.

Now, I'm not going to go so far as to tell everyone who I am and where I live. No, no. I will take the modest and relatively anonymous route. I am not a fame-seeker.

But it does seem to be my fault. "How can that be?" is what most of you are asking yourself (I hope). According to seems that we create our own realities. So, years and years ago, as adulthood approached and my world began to significantly expand, I began to feel that our modern paradigm of continuous growth and debt based economies had to reach some sort of catastrophic conclusion, be that environmental or societal or a combination of both. Well it seems that all that pondering and philosophizing backfired. I went and created the very catastrophe that I was worried about. You gotta hate it when that happens....

So, you can all leave the poor greedy bankers alone. They were right to chop up all those overpriced property mortgages into little pieces and use the DEBT as ASSETS upon which to procure further investment, again and again. Leave the politicians alone too. Empires do what they do, and the environment and climate work in cycles. So stop worrying. Its just a little recession, and they got through the 30's didn't they? Go back to buying cheap, foreign (ahem, chinese) products, it's not like they're ever poisonous. There's no reason whatsoever to give a damn where your food or water come from, so long as they are cheap enough to not interfere with buying a new cellphone every 6 months and a new car every two years. Now you have somewhere to point the blame. After all, it'd take too much work to fix all the havoc I've created. Might as well crawl as high as you can on the old societal ladder, and watch the ignorant bastards below snarl over the scraps you don't want. I'll wave from my ladder.

Now, so as to avoid a mailbox full of hatemail and bailout requests, I better point out that I was being sarcastic up above there. After all, if I could create my own reality, it would NOT be -40 C outside right least not where I was.

And to any greedy banker types who may stumble across this post, please pardon the amateurish generalizing simplifications, I know the heist was far more complex and well thought out. You DEFINITELY earned those bonuses.


Theresa said...

A little sarcasm is a good thing :)

SoapBoxTech said...

hehe sometimes it's all there is...