Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Pain In The ...

As regular readers are likely to guess, I have had about enough of hearing about the impending "royal" wedding. The only thing I am really curious about is just how many people truly care about this bullshit and are able to feel anything but disgust for the waste that is about to occur. I know some people still buy into the fairy tale but I would really like to know if it is the vast majority that the amount of news coverage seems to suggest. Or are most people like me, wondering why the hell we're supposed to accept that these people are to be so venerated.

But I'm pretty sure that there are a LOT of people who are still caught up in the reality fairy tale. It is just another example of the ongoing and heavily funded cult of celebrity in this part of the world. I can say this though, I live in Canada but I recognize no monarch. I so wish my country would finally grow up and cut its ties to this sadly outdated, even if primarily only symbolic, branch of government.

But I suppose I do have to admit that the dark and/or cynical side of me does wonder if this princess will last longer than the previous one.

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LindaM said...

My husband gets caught up in this now and then since he was raised in a colony. Left over brainwashing. I brought him back to earth by asking, " You mean those two a-holes still haven't gotten married?"
My opinionis that this wedding was probablly thought to be a good nationilistic morale booster. What bothers me is the Americans who will get teary eyed as they sit glued to the television set.