Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lifting The Veil

Lifting The Veil (viewable on Vimeo by following the link) is a rousing documentary-style presentation that calls to task Obama`s "hope" and "change" rhetoric by summarizing hypocritical appointments to and actions by his administration. Most importantly, this excellent piece is yet another reminder that, and this is an especially important note for we Canadians as we head into yet another federal election, the act of voting is a very small (albeit greatly significant) aspect of being a part of a democratic society. We must wake up and live our lives actively and conscientiously.

There is an excellent segment about halfway through where one speaker makes a remarkably simple yet accurate summation of the current state of affairs; the tiny ownership class of the world population has managed to be able to stop paying laborers higher wages to match higher living expenses and have instead used the massive profits made from keeping labor costs as low as possible to lend the labor class back the shortfalls caused by low wages (WITH interest!), allowing the owner class to profit even more AND granting them greater power over the masses. Realizing this made me work very hard to avoid buying into the typical modern sport of competitive consumption and status hunting.

Also, Chris Hedges fans will enjoy the clip of an excellent speech at the end of the presentation. It alone is worth the watch...reminiscent of the Reverend Dr. King as far as I am concerned. I hope others will find it as share-worthy as I did.

Peace and comfort.

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LindaM said...

Hey Jerry, I'll watch this when I get back from the farm. Thanks for brining it to my attention.