Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mmmm Supermarket Meat

Here is more good news for folks who think modern industrial agriculture provides the healthiest food possible.

Now, granted, I think the amount of samples taken on which to base this research is much too small...but the results are no less worrisome. I`m not sure just what it will take to convince North Americans that extra money spent on food raised or grown by decently paid small scale local farmers is well worth having a few less toys to show off to the neighbors.


Liz said...

Hi Jerry - seems to me, even if these things are found in meat from small producers, there are still far less people going to get sick than from these factory produced meats.

Jerry said...

Yes Liz, that`s a very good point. It`s much harder for infections to spread through a massive network of small farms, than through massive intensified monoculture factories.