Monday, March 21, 2011

A Poem From My Granny

Its funny how little we often know about people, even those very close to us. For example, I never knew that my Granny was fond of poetry; both reading it and writing it. I can't remember if I found it or if my aunt showed it to me, but I wanted to share this poem that Granny wrote. I do not know when she wrote it but I am guessing it was many years ago.

My home is on a farmstead extending to the shore
Of a shiny little lakesite and who could wish for more
Than the bounty and contentment that such a place affords
With scenery, peace, and freshness as added rewards.

I've been wakened in the morning by the rooster's early call
and been summoned to the barnyard by the calf's discontented bawl
With squealing from the pigsty and the tomcat's hungry meow;
I'm undoubtedly reminded there's lots of work to do.

There's excitement and happenings in a place such as this
From the cheeping of the young turks to the gander's defiant hiss
And George, the cocky rooster, makes you keep your eye askance;
He's eager for a round or two, you can tell that at a glance.

Here's the doleful sound of the seagull, but to harmonize just right
The red-winged blackbird does his part and sings with all his might.
The stately swans and cygnets - birds of every size and hue
Makes the lake seem alive with wildlife the whole night through.

The muskrat cruises through the reeds as her young around her play
And a somber coot with her red eyed pair can be seen any time of day.
The "hilldiver" scurries to and fro with victuals for her two
while the prolific mallard with her brood has even more to do.

There is sewing and reaping from sunrise until sundown
And occasionally things happen to make you wear a frown
But this is secondary to the satisfaction I acquire
When the hungry have been bedded down and I'm ready to retire.

I never knew that Granny felt so much like I do about this place. As long as I can remember, she pretty much only spoke of work that needed doing. I wish I had known this side of her while she was still alive but I'm glad I at least know it now.


Teresa said...

How wonderful that you've found this gem from your granny! I have been blessed with a wealth of poetry and pictures from my family, and I cherish those items.

Liz said...

That is wonderful. What a great way to get to know your granny. It's kind of nice knowing that, despite the generations, your interests are the same.

LindaM said...

This is amazing. I am so gald that you found it. Is there more?

Jerry said...

Thanks for the comments, folks. I'm pleased it was enjoyed.

Linda, if there is more I am not aware of it. There probably is, somewhere.