Sunday, March 20, 2011

Drifted In...Again

Another March day, another blizzard. At least the temperature is not so low this time, but still should see a couple feet of snow from yesterday until tomorrow, plus enough wind to drift us in nicely. This time, however, I am stuck at the farm as opposed to away from it. With the folks gone for two weeks and a snowfall warning in effect, I decided I'd better stay at the farm last night.

Good thing too. Looks like we're stuck here until at least sometime tomorrow.

Damn La Nina. This needs to wind down soon and let spring come or we're going to have to source out some more bedding and maybe even some hay.

Ah well, such is life in the relatively far north.


Linda said...

We also got a storm last night, both here and at the farm with more coming tonight. Rain though. But awfully cold. March is a tricky month. Farmers Almanac had slated the warm up in my area for April. Not sure why or how, but they seem to always be just about right!

Jerry said...

Farmers Almanac doesn't even cover where I live. I guess there aren't enough farmers in northern BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario or Quebec. The closest they come is Edmonton which is 4 hours Southeast of here. In fairness though, our weather is generally similar to there.

But yeah, March is tricky all over I think. I'm planning a post soon on the HUGE difference between this March and last year's.

LindaM said...

I look forward to that post. I notice the difference too.