Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Ponderings

As I spend my days looking at the several feet of snow still piled high here in mid-March, and knowing there is likely more to come, it seems as though spring may never come. While I know it may be a cool and damp year, I know that spring will indeed return. And I am thankful to only have a long winter to contend with.

In truth, this long winter is a blessing in some ways. While feed and bedding for the cattle grow short, at least I know we have plenty of moisture for replenishing the horribly dried out marsh lake and for growing this year's crops...assuming we are able to get any in the ground.

I will take this winter, however, over the suffering that seems to be occurring in more and more places every day. Almost every day brings fresh news of some social/geopolitical upheaval or of some new catastrophe in the natural world. As I doubt there is much chance of social unrest in my specific part of the world until Peak Resources really sets in, I can't help but wonder when Mother Nature will direct her displeasure with humanity in this direction.

Maybe spring is not coming after all...


Teresa said...

Spring will come! Certainly it will. When are you due to start calving? We are in the midst of our spring break kidding right now--why I'm up in the middle of the night checking a doe. I'm sure you'll be great as the main midwife.

Jerry said...

I hope you're right! We had sunny and 10C today so maybe you are.

Our spring calves are due to start coming in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the thought Teresa.