Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Heavenly Oddity

So, this was the sky over the farm last week:

Now I know, mentioning the word chemtrails can get a person labeled a conspiracy nut pretty fast, even these days...which is part of why I remain semi-anonymous in my blogging. But chemtrail or contrail, this is crazy.

I first noticed this on a clear evening last summer as I was clearing out barns. It is kind of a monotonous job so I find myself pausing for a breath and to look around quite often. In looking up I noticed that the sky had several parallel trails running the entire length of the sky, and two or three that ran perpendicular. I had heard of chemtrails before but this was the first time that I looked up and thought, what the f*ck is that?

I have noticed this again this summer, quite often, on the many clear evenings we've had. So last week, I had thought to take my camera with me and I'm glad I did; the sky overhead had as many as 11 different trails, all parallel, across it. They all remained in the air for hours, leisurely spreading out and eventually forming a very light cloud cover. From the trail that went directly overhead, I could see a dark something falling from the trail to the ground. If the sun wasn't behind me I doubt I would have been able to see it. I should also mention that there were a few planes flying much higher as well, in no real order like the planes which left the parallel trails, which left the type of contrails I remember as a kid...the kind that dissipate after a few moments.

So I dunno, seems pretty odd to me...and I'd reeeally like to know what the dark falling stuff was.


linda said...

I have seen these for years without really "seeing" them. Then one day a perfectly sane friend pulled me outside to have a good look. They were definitely in a pattern but not what you describe. The ones we see form a grid. Now, we live near a major airport so planes are not unusual. I have been looking. Regular passenger planes have set flight paths but these grids that I observe run counter to those paths. Passenger planes might follow street grids but in the direction of the airport, not any which way. These chemtrails follow the actual street grids-North, south, east and west and look like tac tac toe grids when finished. My friend had observed strange respiratory symptoms in her otherwise healthy toddler and feels that the symptoms act up on days when she sees these trails. She is not crazy. Personally, I don't know what to think.

Anonymous said...

I would assume duration and shape of trails and flight patterns are due to air movement and layers, wind and weather patterns.

I think there are more pressing worries- but pick your passion!


SoapBoxTech said...

I tend to agree that there are more pressing issues, but then again, depending on what this is, maybe it IS one of the more pressing issues. I've been watching these trails since I was a young fellow and this activity is different. If it was not for the patterns involved, the dark falling matter, and the irregularity in which days this occurs, I would also tend to agree that those natural factors such as air movement, etc., are reasonable explanations.

Thanks for reading and commenting Linda and EJ.

linda said...

Soapbox, I think that they are more prevalent after it has rained or been overcast. This makes sense from both a conspiracy theory POV and a more innocent one. I also agree, it could be something more urgent than it seems. And then it could be nothing but I am inclined to be suspicious.

SoapBoxTech said...

I first started seeing them last summer, when it had been clear and dry for months. It had rained for a couple days when I took those pictures this time though, as I recall.

My first thought is geo-engineering since we know China did it for the Olympics and it has been talked about at TED and other places in the west.

linda said...

Interesting. I hadn't heard of that but did a quick search. If that is the case, then they have been doing this since the 70's because I remember clearly watching this as a child on warm sunny days and wondering what kind of plane flies that high? I have a fear of flying so I tend to remember things like that.

SoapBoxTech said...

My brother and I watched looked for contrails when we were young too. We were both fascinated by them. But they were and are quite different than what I am talking about. Do you remember those trails staying in the sky very long? I remember it being incredibly rare that a trail would last very long at all, yet these ones I am talking about stay visible for hours sometimes. And from my perspective they seem to fly much much lower.

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linda said...

I don't remember if they stayed that long but I do remember that the trails were very thin in comparison to what we see now. The ones I see seem to spread and melt into any clouds, almost like donning a disguise. If we didn't know better, we could think it was especially cloudy.

SoapBoxTech said...

Thanks for that post, EJ. I was listening to something along the very same lines by a Texas U professor named Robert Jensen. It was called The Old Future's Gone and can be found at the Radio Eco Shock page:


Linda, that shift into cloud formation is what makes me think geo-engineering. The dark matter that seems to fall to the earth is the part that makes me most nervous.

linda said...

I have been looking for that dark stuff and haven't noticed. It doesn't help that I notice only when I am driving in heavy traffic. Next time, I will pull over for a better look!

SoapBoxTech said...

I can usually only see it when the sun is behind me and the trail has been mostly straight overhead.