Saturday, August 14, 2010

View From The Bottom Of The Slippery Slope

If you can, please take 45 minutes of your time to watch this piece; Children of the Secret State.

I hope others will find it as important to spread around as I do. Beyond that, I will only comment in the comment section as I don't want to influence anyone's impression before they watch it.


Jerry said...

First off, I promise to post something a bit more shiny-happy soon!

I just had come across that video tonight and found it so gut-wrenching but important to watch. There are so many lessons in that piece, and I don't mean "capitalism is good, communism is bad". I think it's about much, much more than just that debate. For me, it was all about the importance of freedom. It exemplifies the reasoning for my support to the right to bear arms and to defend oneself. The right to decide my own destiny, especially if I am doing my best to be moral in my decision-making.

But more importantly, it shows how low humanity can get. In these times of potential social upheaval or even collapse, this piece should serve as a very serious warning.

linda said...

I am in the process of spreading it around.
Gut wrenching to say the least and I agree that it isn't about "communism bad" because what that movie showed goes far beyond communism's darkest side. Its pure barbarianism.
Warning noted-definitely.