Sunday, March 21, 2010


I have never been one to name pets or farm animals, favorite or otherwise. It actually runs in the family. My sister's cat's name is Cat, if anything, for example. The only animal that always gets a name is the dog, since our dogs have always been herd dogs.

But every so often some animal comes along and, for some reason, acquires a name. This has become the case once more just recently so I figured I would introduce her.

A pretty, all-red heifer was born to our only black cow (she has a white face) about 3 months ago. As I was letting her mother out every day and putting in fresh straw and a bit of hay, we had plenty of time for her to get used to me. I usually try to take a moment when I have time with these young animals, just to make sure they are well used to my close presence and my touch. This heifer was gentle enough that I have been able to continue this practice even now that she is outside most of the time. She has become so quiet and friendly that she will stand for petting and a scratch along her head and back. Not only that but she has taken up licking anyone who gets close enough. She'll lick my pants and boots as long as I will stand there for her. She will lick the other cows and the bull, which is normal but she does it a lot!

Anyway, I have decided that this has earned her the name Licker-ish. I suspect that she will be part of our herd for several years so I am not bothered at all by giving her a name, not that I would be anyway.

So without further, say hello to Licker-ish:

She also wanted to say hello back, a little more intimately:

Here she is, showing how she earned her name:

Soon she will join her half-sisters in the heifer weaning corral and hopefully she will have some Blonde D'Aquitaine friends to play with before too long as well. More on that another time.

Peace and comfort, all.


Anna said...

We're really careful not to name our chickens (in the interest of easier slaughter), but I can't imagine not naming our cats! Are yours not pets, but barn cats?

Jerry said...

Nope, he's a pet...just mostly nameless. Its ok, he doesn't need a name as he wouldn't listen anyway.

We have had cats who were named but for some reason it just doesn't seem to be a big priority to name them. The personalities are always clear enough.

We do need a couple barn cats I think though.

Teresa said...

All that licking sounds like my ox when he was young. Only problem was when he'd use that rough tongue to give my son a big ole lick right across the face!

linda said...

So very cute!

Jerry said...

Even so young her tongue is pretty rough!

Now she has added a kind of gumming/biting to the repertoire. Gotta be careful or she will end up a spoiled girl.

WeekendFarmer said...

Very Cute! Do you get cow's milk then? Do you milk your own? I would love a cow or 2 some day.

More calf pics please : ).

Jerry said...

Typically our calves drink all the milk their moms have to offer, but due to the lost calf mentioned in the next post there is one cow needing to be milked now...and she is probably the heaviest milker in the herd.

And yes, she is milked by hand. Not by me at the moment though.