Tuesday, March 02, 2010

If March Comes In Like A Lamb...

...it goes out like a lion.

So goes the old saying anyway.

After an atypically warm February, where I don't think I wore a winter coat all month, this first week in March is looking even more amazing. Environment Canada is telling me that Sunday could be +8 C...that's 46 degrees to some of you. Hopefully this will continue long enough for the frost to come out of the ground, that way we will not lose all the snow melt to run-off. But another week like this and I think that just might be the case.

But, if that old saying holds true...with March starting this pleasantly, I think we better be looking out come month end, not for a lion, but for a Sabre Tooth Tiger!


linda said...

We are expecting it to hit 50 by months end (projections). St. Pats Day is usually viciously cold here. gauge end of winter by that.Down here, we are sure to start getting major thunderstorms by April. If we dont get them or they are mild, then we worry! You are actually warmer up there right now than down here!

Jerry said...

We probably have a lot less moisture too. Typically we'd have 2 or 3 feet of snow still to melt.

Good luck with getting your spring thundershowers. I am certainly hoping for some here too!