Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back to BS

I promise there is more coming about Cuba and the trip but something came up today, locally, that I need to share.

Doesn't this look for all the world like an erupting garbage volcano?

We have a nasty wind blowing here today. It began last evening with a vicious dust storm and then backed off slightly to the gale we have now. So I thought I would trudge down to the marsh-side, which is directly downwind of the landfill that I've mentioned a few times before, to see what sort of mess things were. It was even worse than I expected.

I took a bunch of video as well, which I will try to edit together into something. However, I only have a digital still camera so the video quality is not great, nor is the sound. And careful of the volume!! It seems to be very loud and its VERY windy.


linda said...

That is disgraceful! Are you planning on doing anything at all about this? Your video was good BTW. I turned the volume off prior to playing it.

SoapBoxTech said...

I'm not sure. I don't want to be confrontational unless absolutely necessary and the newspaper doesn't seem to print things which overly criticize local business/government anyway.

I need to get in touch with the local county council member I think. Mom went to school with her as I recall, and she seems to want community member involvement in things so perhaps she'll be receptive and maybe even helpful.

Amber said...

Dude, that's terrible! I hope council, once aware of the problem, will take action on this.
Good luck.

SoapBoxTech said...

Thanks Amber. I don't see how they couldn't be aware tho, its been this way for more than 10 years.

linda said...

I think the first step you are thinking of is a great one. It takes a united community voice on matters such as this. I wish you luck and keep us updated.

Theresa said...

Doesn't the land fill have some kind of obligation to keep the garbage within the confines of its own boundaries? That is so maddening.