Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day Late and A Dollar Short

So here I am, a day late for Robbie Burns Day, and with kind of a crappily lit picture. But at least it is a picture I took, in downtown Aberdeen, of the late Scottish poet hero.

It was kind of hard to take the picture too, being as it was hidden behind (yet towering over) some tents at the International Market that was going on that weekend. These markets are foods and craft type items from various counties. It was fairly impressive actually, especially in terms of food. One vendor had a whole young pig roasting on a spit right there at the side of his booth. There was no Canadian vendor, sadly. Maybe I should go back and set up a bacon and hockey sticks booth.

Anyway, Happy belated Robbie Burns day!


LindaM said...

I know nothing about Canadian food. I'd eat t your booth though. You shoud think about it;)

LindaM said...

Seems strange but yes, you get another award over at my blog just for being you:)

Misty Meadows said...

Hi Jerry

I wanted to send you an email, but couldn't find one for you. I ordered my bees from Spruce Grove. That is the only place we as Albertans can order them. If you need a wee bit more info just email me.