Sunday, October 16, 2011


One or two minds may wonder why I have been silent on the growing movement I will just refer to as Occupi. I've been quiet for a number of reasons. Not the least of which was the fact it takes me forever to write on these kinds of topics because there is SOOO much to consider. I mean, there are SO many issues facing our civilization that it seemed to me that protesting Wall Street alone might be a bit of a diversion. Yet there is no denying that our convoluted global financial ponzy sche...ahem...system is a large part of the problem. That many fat cats devoted only to accumulating further wealth and, more importantly, power...simply cannot be a good thing.


I, for one, think it is phenomenal that this awakening has begun. I find hope in the dedication to non-violent protest and in attempting to reach decisions by consensus. I can look at fellow humans with pride as so many are acknowledging our responsibilities to one another, as at least partly evidenced by the efforts to keep these "occupied" areas clean.

I do worry about the often divided nature of mankind in general. How much consensus is possible with the extremes in ideologies among so many people? After all, just how many people see anyone who feels abortion is not a black and white issue as a literal demon? It might be a smaller number than I think, but I now know that it is a far larger number than I used to think possible. That so many cannot be convinced otherwise is, to me, a good (albeit extreme) example of just how far we might be from being ready for moving forward as a conscious, connected species and not just as a group of constantly competing individuals.

But my main worry is that this movement makes some progress, only to fizzle out under the sheer power of the system/machine and as people realize it is a life long process involving real work and focus, this systemic change. This is what eventually seemed to happen after the 60's, as so many radically driven youth slipped back into the materialistic mode that comes so very easy in our modern least it did until we began to peak in energy available to us.

But for what it's worth, while I am not physically in one of those parks I am with you all, wholeheartedly. And I promise I'm trying to do my part, even though I am no longer here so often to report on just what I have been doing or thinking.

May we NEVER cease to strive for a more active consciousness, both individually AND collectively. In this balance would lie heaven, I feel.

Peace and comfort, sisters and brothers.


LindaM said...

I was actually wondering very hard why you have been quiet about this. I wrote a post today about Occupy and thought, "I wonder what Soap Box would think?" LOL!
I am very excited about the happenings but at the same time, I think you are right about how this can play out and how it can fizzle. The last link in my own post is extremely worrisome to me as well.
Yet, its still a positive in a world full of too many negatives of late.

Jerry said...

The last link WAS interesting. Tarpley is always seeing left wing conspiracies though. Yet he does seem right about many things as well. I even heard him bask the Koch Brothers the other day but that may just have been cover too...

LindaM said...

Its good to hear your take on that. I was not familiar with Tarpley so couldn't figure out where he was coming from-if anywhere.
The fact that he spoke about the Nurses Union and student loans was what threw me off. Supporting/not supporting.

Jerry said...

I'll put it this way. He went to Libya to investigate the rebellion/revolution/invasion, and tended to report that Ghadafi was the good guy and the rebel leadership as US/western sponsored insurgents(extreme paraphrasing). So basically there seems to tend to be a heavy flavoring of pro-authoritarianism in his most assuredly not mainstream reporting and editorializing. I do have trouble with his tendency to be an apologist for potentially worrisome technologies and to show disdain for many environmental concerns and the importance of ecological sustainability. But then he is a regular guest on the Alex Jones show, so no surprise there.