Sunday, September 04, 2011


I was delighted to learn that during my hiatus, the wonderful MoonRaven awarded this blog (and 2 others) with the Liebster Blog Award.

This award is meant for blogs with less than 300 followers and with the honor of winning goes the duty of awarding it forward, so to speak, to 3 other such blogs. I am not being facetious when I say that I could happily give this award to most of those bloggers linked in the sidebar. However, my choices are:

LindaM at Hello Its Me was one of the first to comment here and I have always appreciated both her readership and her blogging, as well as admiring the moves she and her family are making to move forward into the uncomfortable future while keeping sustainability, community and information sharing as high priorities.

Mark and Anna at The Walden Effect are into year 5 of homesteading and put a lot of work into sharing what they learn and fostering an online community of homestead or sustainability-minded folks and information. My mother's flower garden has many beautiful poppies still blossoming from seeds I received from Anna 3 winters ago. I have been meaning to thank her and share pictures for a long time. This is one at least.

The 3rd I would like to give to my friend Angie at What's She Doing In There? Angie writes about projects in her career as a theatrical artisan, as well as personal projects and her urban garden. Her blog is also a nice window for me, back into the Edmonton theatre scene, in which I worked for over 10 years and which I often miss greatly. People can gain a real insight into some of the magic of theatre by following this great artist and technician.

Thanks again MoonRaven.

Peace and comfort, all.


All day long I have been thinking that I should have ignored the 3 blog aspect of forwarding this award because there was another blog that I really wanted to add. But then I get home and discover that one awardee was ineligible due to having developed too larger a readership (congrats to Anna and Mark!!!) so now I can award the blog I have been thinking about all day and still hold on to the 3 blog limit.

Teresa of Eden Hills seems a most remarkably compassionate person whom I notice makes every effort to reply to each person who comments, and this number seems to be deservedly increasing. I hope she will soon be ineligible for this award as well! I really should have ignored the guideline to begin with.


LindaM said...

Wow Jerry!Congrats
I didn't realize that I had the honor of being the first to ever comment here! That feels wonderful!
Thanks very much for your kind words and the award. I will pick my three tomorrow. I guess you can't be one of the three? If you could you would be!

Anna said...

You made my day including us in your list, but unfortunately we can't accept. Our subscribers have topped 300 lately, so we're not really eligible! I'm thrilled to hear the poppies worked in your mom's garden!

Teresa said...


Teresa said...

Thanks. That is very kind of you.

Angie Sotiropoulos said...

Jerry! That is very sweet of you for passing on the love. More importantly congrats on your award. I've enjoyed going through the side bar and discovering new people as well as some that we have in common. I'll have to think on my 3 as well. Till then post us some northern fall goodness to enjoy....or should I say our late summer?