Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Man Proves Naked Body Scans AND GropeDowns Are Unconstitutional

Just in case this isn`t all over the news, I figured I would share this little ray of sunshine here.

A traveler with the time and patience seems to have used common sense and civil discussion in order to avoid being naked body scanned OR "intimately" patted down in order to return to the US. It seems that perhaps there is some tiny glimmer of hope in this increasingly insane world after all.


michele-2010 said...

Interesant,dar pe mine ma infrigureaza(eu prefer caldura).Imaginea este splendida.

linda said...

Yet what an ordeal just to exercise his constitutional rights! Imagine if the cops didn't feel like being "nice" and the supervisor didn't want to lose face that day? It still is a great story and one that I will pass around-thanks for sharing it.