Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Coca Cola Case

Here is another documentary that should probably be spread far and wide:

I fear it shows what is simply the start of a dire struggle by multi-national corporations (and their millions of shareholders) to maintain the status quo of constant growth. Most disturbing to me is the ideology of the students who seemed so very sure that the murder of workers and union leaders is just a by-product of the invisible hand of the almighty "free" market. Its hard to find any other explanation for this acceptance except that they refuse to see that in our "free" market so many of these entities seem to have reached a point where they can basically do whatever they want...simply ignoring or changing laws which do not suit their desires at the moment. These supporters are apparently content that their acceptance of this situation will give them the opportunity to achieve more power and ability to consume more than enough other people that they feel they are winning. They have chosen to deny the fact that this type of competition holds us back as a species, that it does real damage to the life supporting potential of our world.

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