Saturday, April 03, 2010

Et Tu, Jon Stewart?

Typically, I am a huge fan of The Daily Show and of Jon Stewart in particular. Over and over this program has cut through the preponderance of bullshit out of the US federal government and the mainstream media. Particularly enjoyable for me was the raking over the coals of Mad Money's Jim Cramer, especially in regards to this interview:

So it has been with great frustration that I have watched the program offer rather one sided support of the "health care bill" that was recently passed and signed. I realize that The Daily Show is not meant to be a real news program yet it has set itself up as, usually with good reason, a source of bullshit-less information...albeit rather limited. But even with the nonsensical arguments offered up by Republicans, fueling the fire of ignorance in so many brainwashed types on the "far right" and causing a good amount of discontent among many more level-headed types, which obviously needed to be ridiculed...I still cannot believe that the very real problems with the legislation were ignored by The Daily Show.

Here is an interview which explains these problems in a far more cognitive manner than this economic layman could:

I guess it was just too easy to pick on the nonsensical opposition, than to share the reality that this legislation is left wing cover for directing money and even more power from the people to the big insurance companies.

Still, it's disappointing on multiple levels. And if I missed where he or his program took the opportunity to share this information...well then, my bad, and my apologies. Otherwise, no Bill Hicks are you!


linda said...

First, thanks for sharing the Presstv video.
I share your frustration over the Daily Show and for the same reasons. I understand what the show is meant to do of course, but I've noticed Stewart taking the easy way out. Perhaps its because he was an Obama supporter?

The very real problems with health care reform have also been ignored by others as well within the left wing press generally. Stewarts audience got what they wanted to hear I believe.

Jerry said...

Yep, at the end of the day he is obviously a supporter of the left/right paradigm. I suspect that Comedy Central demands this in order to maintain corporate ad revenue.

linda said...

Even if they didn't demand it, wouldn't it be rather odd for somebody on television to take the view you and I have? And wouldn't it be wonderful?!!!!
We have to go all the way to Iran to find news we can sink our teeth into. How ironic.