Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Name!

One of the most important parts of doing business, be it industrial, commercial, agricultural or what-have-you, is having a good name. Even if the goal is building an intentional community, its usually important to have a good name. So one of the things in the back of my head when thinking about moving the family farmland forward, has been what name to call the thing. My own company has a relatively bland corporate name as it was never planned to be involved in marketing of any kind. But the farm project needed something good.

Well I think that mom gave it to me today.

I am not going to really get into it now, or tell the story of how SHE got the name, I just wanted to report this happy step forward. The story will be told, but I think I will save it for telling when I reveal the new Jackson's Corner website, which will happen before too very long.

Yep, it's looking like the home place (at least what we still own) will soon come to be known formally as Jackson's Corner or possibly Jackson's Corner Farm. Since my own personal goal is for it to become an intentional community (in time), and because I think adding "Farm" is kind of overdone and a bit redundant, I am tempted to leave it off. Feedback would be highly appreciated, however.

And yes, the farm website will have a blog section and that aspect of this blog will cease to be. I'm sure I will keep this blog around for its original purpose; ranting, news-sharing/discussing, and the search for balance and wisdom, but all the farm stuff will shift to the new site. Blog friends and regular readers will obviously be invited to the new site when it is up and running. But like I said, that could be a little while yet.

For now, back to more research and learning. Peace and comfort, all.


linda said...

I like the word "farm" in the name because although you think it might be redundant, when it comes to marketing, until you have established a working identity with a following, you can't assume immediate comprehension from the target market with just Jacksons Corner alone. An alternative though would be to add a tagline, "Jacksons Corner..A family farm", as a rather unimaginative example.
Can't wait to hear more!

Theresa said...

Can you incorporate both names? Or is that too expensive? I notice that you are already referring to it as a farm, so to me it seems that calling it Jackson's Corner Farm isn't overreaching at all. Later maybe you could call it Jackson's Corner Farm Community? Congrats on your happy step forward!

Jerry said...

Thanks for the feedback, both of you. I think you're probably right.

MoonRaven said...

Congrats, Jerry! It sounds like you are moving forward in your vision.

And I agree that a name is very important--it's very hard to convince people that something is real without a name.

I look forward to hearing more about Jackson's Corner (Farm/Community).