Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Br`er Coyote

The star of the last post was out with me again today. Upon another look, I think this is actually a male after all...hence the Br`er of the title. I enjoyed sharing the space with him but it definitely bothers me that this shy creature is forced to hunt in such close proximity to us.

Handsome bugger isn`t he? I managed to get a short video that I thought I would share as well. I missed the pounce but, well you can see what I did get.

WARNING: This clip was recorded from inside the cab of a tractor so please watch your volume. I suggest starting quite low and increasing to comfort.

I took one more video as well, a trip from the field and back with a bale, but it is over 20 minutes long so I will need to edit it before uploading to youtube.

Stay tuned.


Liz said...

That's quite a shot!

Jerry said...

Glad you like it Liz. Thanks!

linda said...

Wow! In one forum I belong to, the big discussion right now is animal behavior. Many are saying that their domestic pets are edgy and tending towards being over protective of their owners while others are also seeing wild animals not behaving as normal. They are getting braver I guess? And also sightings of animals in the north that are usual to the deep south and border areas. So I wonder when I see the video how this coyote went about its business as usual. It didn't even look up! How close were you?

Jerry said...

Just a few feet away, but I had been around him regularly for a few days in a row. He was wary but not as they usually are.