Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vocal Emotional Inspiration

I came across this copy of a performance from the 2005 Juno Awards in Winnipeg that I felt must be shared.

For anyone who doesn`t know, the Junos are basically the Grammy`s of Canadian Music. As such, you`re only going to hear Canadian artists at this music show but we have some excellent artists. This performance combines two of them as it is the stunning k.d. lang singing Leonard Cohen`s "Hallelujah". I am sharing it here because I think it must be one of the finest performances of any song that I have ever heard (and I work in that business so I have heard a lot of performances compared to many people).

Most people are going to be familiar with the song, but anyone who doesn`t know k.d. lang`s singing...really should. I would love to say more, but having just listened to the song I am a bit choked up still.

Peace and comfort to all.


linda said...

I think K.D Lang has one of the best voices in the recorded history of music. Thanks for sharing this with us.

SoapBoxTech said...

I agree, and it was certainly my pleasure to be able to share it.