Friday, June 26, 2009

We Should Be Ashamed

Something has been bugging me all day but I couldn't lay a finger on it until I stumbled across an article while doing some other light research. I do not care for the article itself, the reason for which is clear I hope, but here is a link so that anyone may judge for themselves. The issue that was bugging me is that all attention, particularly in North America, is suddenly on the death of a massively disturbed, albeit talented, celebrity.

As the article does point out, with all the horror and bullshit that is present in the world right now, if there is a death we should be focusing on right now it is that of Neda Agah-Soltan, the young Iranian student who was killed in Iran on June 20. This young lady has become the face of resistance to injustice and oppression in Iran. It certainly doesn't say anything good about our society that Michael Jackson's death is what so many are upset about.

We are such hypocrites.

Note: It's later in the day now, and I thought I would add something to balance out the tone of this post. Back in May I shared a lucky, but blustery, day that I had. I mentioned that I had seen a pair of rare ducks (Buffleheads) on our forest dugout and that I hoped they were nesting there. Well...



linda said...

Thank you! I feel the same way. I feel that children are safer now. Sure, innocent until proven guilty but I don't believe for a minute that he was not buying his innocence. Don't mess with children! If you do, I am your mortal enemy.

SoapBoxTech said...

Speaking of children, I hope you checked out the little video!

Walter Jeffries said...

Hmm... But it is only a small, very vocal, segment of our society that cares so much about the celebrities. This is the way it is with many things. They make a big noise and sound like a thundering mob when they beat on their drums. For the rest of us it was just a passing blip.

SoapBoxTech said...

I dunno Walter. They get millions of people dressing like them, following their every breath, etc. I mean they have to be buying a good amount of the tabloids or there wouldn't be so much money involved.

Thank goodness for those to whom it is, as you aptly say, a passing blip!