Saturday, November 08, 2008

People and Responsibility Update

This is part of what I was talking about in my last post.

Now, I realize this was just one person out of millions...but it is FAR from an isolated occurrence. I have been hearing this sort of comment all over the place for the last few days, from all different sorts of people.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe we do need culling...


EJ said...

What do you hear her saying? I hear her saying- I won't have to worry...
She doesn't say that she expects someone to do it for her, nor that she expects free gas, but that she won't have to worry. She could mean that she feels more secure in her job or that the housing crisis will abate. As a black woman perhaps she more secure with Obama as president.

But I do agree with you that something really looks like it will have to give in our society in the near future and it probably won't be pretty. The combination of financial crisis, climate change, resource depletion, over population and over consumption is just too volatile not to explode. The question is when and where?

Are we preparing- oh yes. Do I think most people won't see it until too late- yes again.

SoapBoxTech said...

When and where? I would argue we are seeing these explosions already, especially since these crises are all linked.

The thing is, so far they are small enough so as to be confused as isolated incidents. Worse yet, so far the solutions being put into effect primarily involve loss of individual rights and freedoms.

However, given what we have done with these rights and freedoms...

SoapBoxTech said...

and so as to not ignore your other point...yes, you are very likely right as to what she was saying.

It did sound as tho she was trying to say that she knew she had to do her part...even tho it came out as "he'll help me if I help him".

Even that statement worries me some tho, as more and more it looks like that "help" will include some Brownshirt-style activities.

My point...people cannot just give into this sense of relief. They HAVE to realize that they must be as vigilant now as ever, if not far more so. We must all demand to retain our individual rights AND accept the responsibility which comes along with freedom.