Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My first blog post

Good day, fellow English speaking denizens of Planet Earth. I wish I could include all the other languages as well, but I just don't have the capability of learning more right now...much as I would love to. Does anyone know if direct Blog translations are available?

I don't know if anyone will come to read these posts, other than myself, but I certainly hope they draw some interest. The focus of my comments is likely going to tend towards suggesting that any readers join in the effort of "nudging our neighbors awake" however, knowing my brain, I suspect this will tend to lead to a great deal of different topics.

Before I get too far along tho, I want to strongly suggest that anyone who has not seen the documentary The Corporation...take the time to do so before reading too far into this blog. It can be downloaded and/or watched for free on Google video. It is an excellent starting point for many of the issues I wish to discuss on this Blog.

I will start off by attesting to the fact that I am a Master of very few, if indeed, any subjects. I make my living in the theatrical field, but I have always been drawn to learning in a variety of areas; history, spirituality, biology, sociology, English, psychology, theatre, movies, music, and the list can go on. I will say here that I have always had difficulty conversing with a great number of people who seem to be only interested in "popular" culture, and while my interests do cover those areas...they are certainly not what I want to talk about all the time. I really really really do not want to ALWAYS be discussing what Britney/Paris did, or how shitty work was today, or how lovely the carpet and sofa go together. I will be the first to admit that recreation is NEEDED, but it cannot replace common sense and social responsibility. The very freedoms that are part of our society, are DEPENDANT on that responsibility.

On this subject, I have come to believe that when it comes to social/cultural awareness there are four types of people in the "western developed world":

1) Those who believe opinions on issues are best formed by "experts" and that the rest of us should usually heed those "experts".
2) Those who form opinions based on their own learning, who devote significant time to learning about various issues and topics, in order to develop informed and educated opinions.
3) Those who form opinions based on suspect foundations, who read news headlines in single sources alone and listen to like minded pundits in order to develop comfortable, personally gratifying opinions.
4) Those who just seem to strive to avoid developing any sort of real opinion at all on significant issues.

It is my feeling, and I am most interested in hearing other thoughts, that the vast majority of us still fall into the 3rd and 4th, or least socially responsible, categories. It is also my belief, that while it is the most difficult, category 2 is the only truly socially responsible and therefore personally responsible choice AND IT IS THE ONE WE SHOULD ALL STRIVE TO BE.

I haven't used the best English in that statement, I realize, but I'm trying to be as brief as possible and I am no longer the human thesaurus I once was (that was a joke, I hope I'm not that vain).

There are an awful lot of important issues at this very moment, in our "western developed society". These issues are not all restricted to only affecting our society, either. Most, if not all, of these issues reflect on or directly impact the rest of the world in some way. The most obvious, is that in their effort to "develop", the rest of the world looks to our previous example as to how to accomplish their "development".

Now, along with these issues, We in the "western developed world" have an almost immeasurable list of distractions to keep our focus away from these important issues. Most of us from the upper end of the Lower Class, through to the bottom of the Upper Class, are kept running in our "rat wheels" (kept servicing our debt and playing the stock market and being adult children with our toys...) so that we do not have the time or wherewithal to keep abreast of world or even community events and issues. Most of us believe our little voices have no effect on the big picture (in government and such), yet we're completely dedicated to the "knowledge" that our individual cheers help our favorite sporting team achieve victory or that our individual vote helps some other shmo become the next "American Idol". Millions believe that "knowledge" so much that they PAY to cast their votes for that shmo, but they will expend no energy in trying to be sure that government serves the people and not the other way around. Many extend this argument to suggesting that we are being mass mind controlled into this situation, but I am not convinced that this is such a directly planned endeavor. I do, however, accept its possibility. I do not argue that the media, primarily television, plays a huge role (be it conscious or not) in keeping us distracted.

This subject could fill volumes, and it will probably lead to many posts here as I know it does on other blogs. This is where my hope lies...the fact that I have read the words of many others on the good ol' interweb, who are awake and thinking about the world around themselves.

In future posts, it is very likely that I will make reference to, and suggest that people read the words of many of these individuals. I also suggest that we peruse the words of people who speak against our own beliefs. One should always be as aware of the "enemy's" mind as is possible. Plus, some of them can be pretty funny. Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly terrify me sometimes, with some of what comes out of their mouths, but then I notice the dark comedic aspect and I can laugh (albeit while shaking my head at the tragedy of it).

Anyway, I think this is a sufficient introduction to my mind. I hope it leads to some good discussions.

Be well Brothers and Sisters.

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